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A Complete Travel Guide To Dooars 2021 (With Photos)

A Little Background

The origin of the name Dooars comes from the Bengali word “Duar” which means door or gateway.

Best time to visit Dooars

March to June: Dooars experience quite hot at this time but still attracts so many travelers. if you are planning to come at this time, don’t forget to carry sunglasses, hats, water bottles and wear light cotton.

July to September: During this time Dooars receives rainfall. This is a bit of an off-season but if you want to enjoy the greenery, then you must visit this time. Hotels are offering great deals at this time.
Remember Sanctuaries are remain closed between 15th June to 15th September. if your main objective is to take a jungle safari, then you should avoid this time.

October to February: This is the best time to visit Dooars. The weather remains pleasantly cool throughout the day and it’s the perfect time for visiting the sanctuaries and enjoying the beauty of nature. make sure your bookings are done in advance and don’t forget to carry warm clothes.

How to reach Dooars

Air: The nearest airport to Dooars is Bagdogra(IXB). Bagdogra Airport is well connected to the major cities of India. From the airport, you can book a pre-paid taxi from the pre-paid taxi counter to reach your hotel or resort.

Train: There are not many trains that can straightforwardly contact you to Dooars from different spots in India. One such well-known train is Kanchankanya Express that leaves day by day from Kolkata (Sealdah Station). It leaves from Kolkata around evening time and arrives at New Mal Junction (Nearest Forest – Gorumara ) the next morning via NJP. From New Mal Junction, travelers can avail of local auto to reach hotels or Resorts.

  • Jaldapara Forest – Nearest express train stoppage Hasimara Station
  • Buxa Jayanti – Nearest express train stoppage Alipurduar Junction Station

Bus: From Kolkata(Esplanade), you will find buses for Siliguri. From Siliguri, you can board a car or a bus to reach Malbazar.

Types of safari in Dooars

  • Gorumara National Park Offers
    1. Elephant Safari
    2. Jeep Safari
    3. Watch Tower Safari
  • Jaldapara National Park and Chilapata Forest Offers
    1. Elephant Safari
    2. Jeep Safari
  • Buxa Jayanti Forest Offers
    1. Jeep Safari

The probability of seeing wild animals from the watchtowers is higher.


  • Gorumara National Forest (Every watchtower has separate tickets)
    • Medla Watch Tower [Travelers need to travel some road using bullock cart]
    • Jatra Prasad + Rino Point [Most Popular]
    • Chukchuki
    • Chandrachur
    • Chapramari
  • Jaldapara National Forest
    • Jaldapara 3 No Watch Tower
    • Harindanga Watch Tower
  • Chilapatal Forest
    • Chilapata CC Line Watch Tower
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
    • 25 Mile Watch Tower
    • 26 Mile Watch Tower
  • Jayanti Forest
    • TGN Watch Tower
    • Chuniya Watch Tower
    • Bhutia Basti Watch Tower

There are so many Watch Towers in the jungle but only forest department staff are allowed there.

Day by day plan

Day 0 | Starting Point Kolkata

  • Take an overnight bus or train from Kolkata to reach Dooars.

Day 1 | Explore Gorumara

  • Checked into your Resort/ Lodge
  • Do a Watchtower safari (afternoon)

Day 2 | Explore Gorumara Jungle and sightseeing

  • Do an early morning Jeep/Elephant Safari
  • Back to Resort/Lodge, have breakfast, and get ready for sightseeing
  • Book a local Car for sightseeing and cover
    • Bindu
    • Paren
    • Jhalong
    • Shyamsing
    • Rocky Island
    • Suntalekhola
a complete travel guide to Dooars : suntalekhola image

Gorumara National Forest closed every THURSDAY

Day 3 | Back To Kolkata OR Reach Jaldapara

  • Do an early morning Safari at Jatra Prasad Watchtower.
  • Back to Resort/Lodge, have breakfast
  • If you want to return to Kolkata, check out from the hotel and take a train from NJP Via Teesta Barrage at Gajalgoba. You can spend some time at Teesta Barrage.
    If you want to explore Jaldapara Forest. then book a local car for Jaldapara. On this route, you will found Murti River and South Khairbari Eco Park.
    You can spend some time at Murti River and explore South Khairbari Eco Park.
  • Book the last Jeep safari at Chilapata forest.

Day 4 | Exploring Jaldapara and Back to Kolkata OR Reach Buxa Jayanti Jungle

  • Early morning Jeep/Elephant Safari
  • Back to Resort/Lodge, have breakfast
  • Check out from your Resort/Lodge and get ready for sightseeing
    • Book a local car and cover
    • Goregaon
    • Phuentsholing monastery (Bhutan)
    • Phuentsholing Crocodile Zoo (Bhutan)
phuentsholing crocodile park image
Crocodile Park – Phuentsholing (Bhutan)
  • If you want to go back to Kolkata then take a train from Hasimara Junction


If you want to explore the Buxa Jayanti forest, then come to Jayanti

Day 5 | Explore Jayanti

  • Have breakfast and get ready for sightseeing
  • Book a local car and cover
    • TGN watchtower
    • Pokhri lake
    • Chota Mahakal
    • Have Lunch
  • Do a Jeep safari in Jayanti forest.

Day 6 | Explore Buxa

  • Have breakfast
  • Get ready for sightseeing and explore
    • Santalabari
    • Buxa Fort
    • Lepchakha
    • Boating at Sikia Jhora

Day 7 | Exploring Buxa Forest

  • Do a Jeep Safari in Buxa Foreset
  • Check out from your Resort/Lodge and get ready for sightseeing
  • Book a local car and cover
    • Cooch Behar Palace
    • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Go to Cooch Behar Jn Railway Station and take a train for Kolkata.

Day 8 | Back to Kolkata

  • Back to Kolkata (The city of joy)

Chapramari is an extension of Gorumara National Forest

Things you need to know for Safari

  • For all 5 watchtowers of Gorumara and Chapamari, there are 2 morning trips and 2 afternoon trips.
  • Xerox copy of the Id Cards of all members is required for Safari tickets.
  • Carry a Pen you have to fill a form for Safari.
  • Every day, after the last trip A Tribal Dance show is organized for the tourist. So, the last trip is costlier
  • The guide is mandatory for Jeep. So you need to pay extra for the guide also.
  • 6 people are allowed in a Jeep
  • You can visit watchtowers for free if you took Jeep Sarafi in Jaldapara and Buxa Jayanti Forest but In Gorumara Forest you need to buy separate tickets for separate watchtowers

Where to stay in Dooars

Elephant Safari at Gorumara Forest is only available to tourists staying at Gorumara Eco Village, Gorumara Rhino Camp, Gorumara Elephant Camp.

  • You can also try Neora Jungle Camp by West Bengal State Forest Development Agency. If you want to stay inside Gorumara forest at a pocket-friendly price then you should try Neora Jungle Camp.
  • If you want to stay inside the Jaldapara Forest then you should try
    • Hollong Tourist Lodge (Elephant Safari is available). Jaldapara Elephant safari starts from here. If you are planning for an elephant safari then Hollong Tourist Lodge is best for you.
    • Aranya Tourism Property earlier Jaldapara Tourist Lodge(Elephant Safari is available)
  • If you want to stay inside the Chilapata Forest then you should try

All these above stays are controlled by the government. So if you stay here you get the facility to book safaris from your stay.

Famous Foods

  • It’s best to go with the local foods in Dooars. Enjoy local street foods like
    • Samosa
    • Momos
    • Fish pickle made of dry fish
    • Fermented bamboo shoots
    • Fish pakoras
    • Try a variety of chops (aloo, mocha, chicken, fish, vegetable)
    • Dak Bungalow (Chicken or Mottan)
    • Try typical Bengali thalis
  • But don’t forget to try the worldly famous Tea here.

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